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Diary of a Car Camper – Australia

Oh, What a Feeling!
Oh, What a Feeling!

We’re leaving Sydney and car camping again. If you’ll recall we were hooked up in New Zealand with a very cheap rental. In Australia, not so lucky. Still lucky, we have it for $29.00 a day AUD, and it’s a much sweeter ride. It’s a Corolla just like we had in New Zealand, but a 2006 model rather than a 1996 model like we had over there.

We got it from Buget.com.au their price was better than anything else saw – it even beat kayak.

We’ll have it for about three weeks. Unlimited milage, but we can’t take it into the Northern Territory or Western Australia. The only thing that is taking some getting use to is that this rental – unlike what we had in New Zealand – is a stick shift, on the wrong side! So it’s taken a bit to get use to shifting with the left hand – oh, and the flashers and windshield wipers are on the opposite side to, so for the first few days we were flipping on the wipers ever time we wanted to make a turn. LeeAnne has a little better handle on things so she gets to do the city driving. No worries mate.