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Diesel & Dust – The Outback

Mad Maxs Car - Sweet!
Mad Maxs Car - Sweet!

As our car camping adventure in Aus continues we headed back to Sydney via the Outback. To say there’s a lot of nothing out there is a bit of an understatement. Aside from mining towns, road houses, road trains and red dust there’s not too much. We went through about three or four real towns in the better part of a week. There were three types: surprisingly big-ish towns centered around the mining industry, ghost towns and very poor run-down aboriginal towns with …no industry.

With all this nothing you would figure there wouldn’t be too much to say about these towns. You’d be wrong, movie makers love this place, and they keep coming. It seems like every town we stopped at had been the set of some movie or another. Breaker Morant was filmed in Burra, Broken Hill played host to Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and the near ghost town of Silverton was the set of Mad Max. Cobar was home to …okay, there’s nothing in Cobar (except free internet!).

And flat, let’s talk about flat. On a ridge north of Silverton you can literally see the curvature of the Earth. It’s a crazy strange and strangely beautiful place.