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New Year (Chinese New Year) in Sydney

Welcome to the Year of the Pig!
Welcome to the Year of the Pig!

So we’re here in Sydney and we’re learning that Sydney kind of marches to the beat of a different drummer. Part of the reason we came to Sydney when we did was timing. Chinese New Year is on the February 18th this year, and Mardi Gras is on the following Tuesday – two very different and very fun holidays that Sydneysiders loves to celebrate. So our timing is perfect right?

Well, almost. Seems in Sydney Chinese New Year is kind of celebrated all month and the event that we really came here for – the Dragon boat races – won’t be on until early March. And Mardi Gras is celebrated (get this) on March 4th! Not even a Tuesday people!

Anyhow, LeeAnne and I made the most of what we had and did Chinese New Years up right. First we visited the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbor where for $10 AUD you can dress up like an Emperor or Empress and have your photo taken at various places in the garden by the staff there. It’s sweet!

Next we visited Chinatown to breath some black-powder saturated air – and take in a fireworks display and some Dragon dancing.

Finally, we rounded out our New Years Day by having some tasty vegetarian Chinese. All in all a most propitious start to our new year, even without the Dragon boats!