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The True Blue Mountains

Descending the Giant Steps
Descending the Giant Steps

We spent the final days of our Oz road trip in the Blue Mountains just an hour and a half outside of Sydney. It was quite amazing to watch the dry, dusty land gradually turn into rolling green as we made our approach. I have to admit. I am a green person. As much as I enjoyed and appreciated the Outback, I felt comforted looking out over the green valleys of the Blue Mountains.

In case you are wondering, these mountains aren't really like the blue mountains of southwestern Virginia. They are a bit more dramatic with their many rock formations and cliffs. They are called the blue mountains, so I am told, because the eucalyptus oil from the trees in the air causes a blue haze.

One of the big attractions in the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters – three very large rock formations visible from the Echo Point Lookout. Rather than me plagiarizing, you should read the aboriginal dream-time legend of the Three Sisters. We took an extra day to hike for a few hours around the Three Sisters, along the cliff walk and through the Jamison Valley. It was great, but our legs were surprisingly tired after descending the 870 very steep Giant Steps and then later ascending the not as many, but still steep Furber Steps. This is what too many days sitting in a car will get you!

And for you Darkness fans, you can catch some of the Blue Mountains scenery in their video for Love Is Only A Feeling.