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Bazaar Haircut

So I needed a haircut some kind of bad. I haven’t had my ears lowered since before Christmas. I’d been holding out for some time, but the 110 degree heat in Delhi, combined with to opportunity to get a haircut on the street was too good to pass up.

We spotted this gentleman cutting hair when we went to the Sarojini Nagar Bazzar in South Delhi. I have to say he did an excellent job, but I still think I was over charged – two dollars for a haircut, and 5 minute head massage, and the offer of a shave with a straight razor (which was politely declined) seems excessive. Especially because I drummed up so much business for him – let me tell you, a white man getting a haircut on the street in India attracts a crowd.

Anyway, he did a great job, especially considering I have no Hindi and he had no English. We had the shop-owner next door work a little translation for us – “Long?”, “Short?”, “Ah, Medium!”.

Here’s some video of the head massage: