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Pink City – Jaipur

Astronomical Clocks in Jaipur
Astronomical Clocks in Jaipur

Rajasthan, in northwestern India, is kind of what I had always pictured India being like – desert, lot’s of castles and old forts, monkeys all over and people in Turbans. And so far it is not disappointing me.

We’re in Jaipur, the Pink City, so named because all the buildings and the walls in the old city are painted pink. It’s the capital of Rajasthan and it holds up to my expectations well. There are so many old forts and Palaces around here it’s hard to keep track. It’s also incredibly hot! It was over 105 every day we’ve been here.

In addition to exploring the Pink City, we took a day tour out to the big sites outside of town: Jaigrah Fort and Naragrah Fort, visited the Monkey Temple on the edge of town and all the slightly creepy men that hang out there. And saw a Bollywood movie at the – we are told – world famous Raj Mandir Theater back in the city.

Jaipur certainly exceeds expectations in most areas. The hotel we stayed at was by far the best place we have stayed on this trip, the Hotel Pearl Palace was fantastic (and not just because of the free internet).