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Queen of the Hills

Mmmmm...Masala Popcorn
Mmmmm...Masala Popcorn

After our relaxing time in Rishikesh, we were still longing for some cooler temperatures so we made our way further north to Mussoorie, also known as the Queen of the Hill Stations. It certainly lives up to its name. Located at 200m in the foothills of the Himalayas, the temperatures are quite pleasant, and there are a handful of walks you can do with little to no traffic. Even we found this hard to believe!

In addition to enjoying long walks without fear of heat exhaustion, we enjoyed the carnival like atmosphere of Mussoorie. You can take a cable car to a high point on the hills, ride a horse down the promenade, take a spin on a ferris wheel, learn magic tricks (pretty good ones too!), eat fresh masala spiced popcorn and soft serve ice cream and dress up in traditional Garwali costume – which of course we couldn’t resist. There is even a roller skating rink and a few snooker parlors. I’m not sure whether it’s the cool air or the soft serve, but everyone seems to be having fun.

And like all hill stations, Mussoorie is full of cute honeymooners that are easy to spot. The women are typically dressed in the best salwar kameez, decked out with lots of shiny bangles and with traces of elaborate mendi (henna) designs on their hands.