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One Night in the Jailhouse

LeeAnne adds her marks to the door
LeeAnne adds her marks to the door

An unexpected end to our second day of riding was that LeeAnne and I spent the night in the jailhouse.

The Chevoit (Pronounced Chevy-Ut) Motel is built on the grounds of the old Cheviot jailhouse – which still stands. In fact you can rent a cell in the jailhouse for a very reasonable fee, and that’s just what we did.

The room is a jail cell – real bars, real locks on the door and eerily, real scratch and claw marks on the door, as well as some graffiti cut into the walls and door.

The rest of the grounds of the hotel were perfectly normal – no diversion from the norm here in New Zealand in any way. Just this curious old jailhouse.