Go There & Back Dave & LeeAnne Travel the World in 2007


If you can make it there...
If you can make it there...

New York City, Sinatra used to sing that if you could make it there, you could make it anywhere. For us, if we could make it there, the trip must be over. It makes sense to make this our last leg on the trip, it’s the city (along with Las Vegas) that most people outside the US think of when they think about America.

What did we do? Not much, visited with our friend Karen and I like to think we did a self-guided walking tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan. But mostly we just hung out and walked around the city for a few days. Neither of us has been here in a while and it was fun to see how the city has changed.

I have to say that we did have one remarkable accomplishment that should not pass without mention. Nowhere on our trip did we stoop so low, in our travels around the world not once did we even think of doing this, until we got here. We piggy-backed off of someone else bumming off of the kindness of their relatives. If you will:

New York hotels are expensive and we just didn’t want to throw down very much cash when we came up here, so somehow we made arrangements to stay with our friend Karen from DC, who is living with her sister in Brooklyn. On the first read through that may not sink in, but we bummed off of someone that was already bumming off of someone – in a New York apartment! It was cozy up in there, but we made it work. Feeling this something of a masterstroke in the art of traveling it is now entirely appropriate that we go victoriously back to DC.