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The Byways of Dallas

Sometimes the road less traveled...
Sometimes the road less traveled...

Dallas, Texas is all together different from Oregon. Goodbye green, hello brown. Goodbye wooded mountains, hello scrubby flatlands. Goodbye rain, hello warm weather and sunny skies. So it’s not all bad.

If Portland was the City of Roses I suppose Dallas has to be the City of Byways. They love a road here, and not just roads – Highway, Parkway, Tollway, Freeway, Expressway, Turnpike – Dallas has them all, no shortages of roads, cars or traffic here.

We’re in town to visit LeeAnne’s brother and his family, and since they are getting ready to move to Houston, we figured we’d better hop to it and do some Dallas sightseeing. Dealey Plaza, where Dallas was founded and President Kennedy was shot was on the list. We visited the “Sixth Floor Museum” dedicated to the events in and around the shooting. We tried to visit the adjacent “Conspiracy Museum” but were told that it is permanently closed (Possibly that is part of the conspiracy as well). We visited Deep Ellum. We experimented with the Tollway versus the Freeway. We drove through a few toll gates that maybe we shouldn’t have driven through and we drove back to Frisco and hung out with LeeAnne’s Fam.

There was a day trip to Austin, but I have to say, aside from the Tacos (which are of very high quality), and the Texas Thrift Store (also of the highest quality), Austin was kind of a letdown. Maybe we should have saved the trip for SxSW, maybe we should have gone to a taping of “Austin City Limits”, maybe we should have just gone Two-Stepping, but we were a bit underwhelmed.

Maybe the most notable part of this leg of our trip is that we are now officially done with our OneWorld tickets! By the paper tickets we’ve had with us since January, we were suppose to fly to Auckland via LA on Oct. 29, but we are headed back to DC. Is the trip over? Kind of. We may go up to New York for a few days, let’s call that “The End”.