Wedding Crashers

Wedding Season

It doesn’t take a Vince Vaughn scheme to crash a wedding in India, especially during wedding season. We actually had one gentleman befriend us on the streets of Udaipur to “practice his English” and subsequently invite us to his wedding party the following evening.

It’s pretty common to stumble onto a wedding – or at least part of the three day event – in the streets. Actually, it’s hard to miss the festivities with sound systems thumping on the back of a truck bed in the middle of the street.

On our walk home from dinner one night in Aurangabad we came upon quite a little party in the street. The groom was decked out in traditional attire on horseback, while a few dozen young men were dancing in the streets ahead of him. They were all following a very noisy truck full of speakers playing wedding music. Dave pulled out the camera to capture some of the festivities, and within seconds several of the men picked him up and carried him into the middle of the “dance”. Here’s the topsy turvy video to prove it! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a second camera to capture Dave jumping up and down amid the sea of Indian guys.