Sain Yavaarai Mongolia!

Mongolia its Grrreat

For those planning a trip to Mongolia – don’t bother leaving UB if you are a Vegan or Lactose Intolerant. You will starve! These people love their meat and dairy products. It makes sense, most people here are nomads and don’t want to stick around in one place long enough to grow a crop.

That said UB is not really Mongolia, but you’ll have to come here anyway. All international flights and trains stop here. The trouble starts when you figure this out and try to leave UB. It’s not as easy or as comfortable to traverse the country as it is in other places. It’s best to have a plan to escape UB before you even get there.

Once you do get out into the country you can really start to enjoy yourself. The countryside is great, but the people here are the best assets that Mongolia has. They’re extremely generous with everything they have (especially their Vodka – made from fermented mares milk, YUM) and are always ready to help out.