Kia Aro from New Zealand!

After fifteen hours of flights and four or so hours of lay-overs we’ve arrived at our first destination: New Zealand.

You may say to yourself: “Too Easy! An Around the world trip that starts half-way around the world, they’re cheating.” Well, yes maybe we are cheating. And if you would like to help finance a trip to backfill the Dallas to New Zealand segment please get in contact with us at once.

Anyway, New Zealand is very far away. If you’re reading this before you go to bed on the east coast in the states, we’re getting ready for dinner …the NEXT DAY.

A few things lead us to start our trip in NZ: it’s a soft landing, despite the jet-lag.

  • They speak English
  • We have contacts here
  • The exchange rate works in our favor
  • It’s suppose to have a terrifically beatiful and varied environments

So compared to some of the other destinations on our itenerary (Mongolia, Namibia, to name only two), NZ is looking pretty easy to get our arms around. Let’s hope it’s a good place for us to start learning how to be round the world travelers.