Carbon Compensation

One more thing before we let you go – and I don’t want to get too Ed Begley Jr. here, but I think it does bear mentioning. When you travel around the world like we’ve done this year there are some unseen consequences, and I’m not talking about introducing Mongolian Nomads to iPods.

In jet-setting around the world LeeAnne and I have done a lot of flying that we normally we wouldn’t have done. And all of those jets (and buses and trains and rental cars and scooters) run on fossil fuels that are turned into CO2 and are in turn contributing to global warming. A quick estimate of our CO2 footprint leads me to believe that LeeAnne and I have contributed about 21.23 tons of CO2 emissions just from our Round the World Flights alone this year. So oddly, in trying to become better citizens of the world, we have become bad stewards too the world. A Catch-22 there.

Enter This is a site that allows you to make Carbon Offsets for all of the emissions you are responsible for. The money you put in goes to fund sustainable energy projects around the world. The site has a Carbon Calculator where you can get an idea of your own carbon footprint, and you can then purchase your own offsets, or purchase them as gifts! Hey, just in time for Christmas!