Hello World - A Word About Why We Are on this Trip

Maybe we need to explain a little about why we are doing this: LeeAnne and I have always had a bit of the wander lust. She’s a Returned Peace Corp Volunteer and I’m know in my office as “The Guy That Leaves, But Then Comes Back”, or “TGTLBTCB” for short. I tend to take months long sebaticals to ride my bike across the US or Australia, etc.

So it’s probably a good thing we found each other. We have been planning something like this trip since before we were married in August 2004. But why exactly? Couldn’t tell you. There’s somthing about both of us that wants to get out there and see our share of the world. That’s about the best way I can sum it up.

So 2007 will be our year to travel, experience and hopefully learn a little bit more about our share of what’s out there. Will this cure our wanderlust? Probably not, but it should slack our thirst for a while, and hopefully we will be the better for it.