One World Explorer Pricelist by Country

Okay, so one thing we learned very quickly from the One World Explorer FAQ is that OWE tickets are priced differently in every country they are sold in. Is that crazy or what?

Originally, we were planning on flying from the states for 4,900 USD plus tax. But, having just learned that the US is the second highest prices ticket in the world (behind only …Morrocco?), we are considering our options…

A departure from the UK looks good, almost 1/2 what we would pay in the US. But there is a nasty rule about not being able to connect through your country of origin after you have departed from it. So, now we are thinking of flying to Ireland (not quite as cheap, but still cheap), making that our country of origin, and then flying back over the US to get to New Zealand. Flying around our elbow to get to our asshole? Yes. But it will save us a bundle.

OWE Pricelist by Country