Fear and Loathing on Flight 749 to Johannesburg

Things not to do on a flight to South Africa include: read a South African newspaper. LeeAnne did just that and it was fairly unnerving. South Africa in general and Johannesburg in particular have issues with crime. And while most of it is based in the poorer African Townships, it still makes the news.

At one point in our flight LeeAnne turned to me and asked “Would you like to know about what I just read in this Johannesburg newspaper?”. I turned and saw just one headline before I replied – the headline read: “Lone Cop Fights Off Gang of 8 with AK-47’s”. Nope please keep it to yourself babe.

Still there is something reassuring about being an American in a country that’s more violent and with deeper racial issues than my own. South Africans and Americans are really cousins in that regard – but I’m glad I can go back to the US.