They're Coming to America - Today!

And we’re back! After the better part of nine months on the road overseas we’re finally going to be Stateside again. Now here is where a lot of people will get caught up on the fact that we’re “Home” again. While we are indeed back in the States, and we won’t be having our passports stamped again on this trip – it’s not exactly over.

We’re back home, but we’re still traveling technically. We’ll fly into Dulles on September 17th, visit both sets of folks for a while, attend a wedding in DC; then fly out to the Oregon and visit some of our West Coast people. After that, we hit Texas and visit more folks. We probably won’t be “Back-Back” at home in Washington, D.C. until some time in November.

Some people will say this is anticlimactic, others will say that we are drawing it out, still some others will say we’re sell-outs (I’m not sure why, but there’s always someone ready to call you a sell out). We say, if you don’t like it plan your own damn trip. We have a few North American legs still available to us as part of our One World Explorer ticket and we don’t intend to waste them.

Are we excited to be home? You betcha! Are we ready to unpack our bags, not quite – besides, we rented our house out for the year so we need to keep moving.