TimTams & The Lot

TimTams, the shadow currency of Australia

Aussies are very close cousins to Americans in many ways, in fact had it not been for the American Revolution many of them (the convict labor) would have ended up in Georgia, not half-way around the world. Here are two culinary examples of why that separation should be praised or panned.

  • Pro – It saved us from “The Lot”. Say what you will about America, but without it where would the Hamburger and Pizza be? America popularized both, Australia has ruined them. First strike – rather than tomato Aussies put slices of beets on their burgers. Yes, beets disgusting beets. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they go further and have “The Lot”. You can order a burger with the Lot, or a Pizza with the Lot. What’s the Lot? Start with everything we in the states put on them – then add beets, bacon, and a whole fried egg. Ever tried a burger with an egg on it? How about a Pizza? Still hungry?
  • Con – It keeps Tim-Tams on the other side of the world. After your typical Aussie downs a burger or pizza with the lot on it. They may care for a tasty treat. Tim-Tams are the number one snack food in Aus, hands down, and rightfully so. They’re kind of like gourmet Twix, but smaller and better all around. It’s hard to describe just how delicious these things are. They serve as a parallel currency in some corners of the country. And some say you can track the standard of living across the country by their availability and price. Please someone, hear me. Bring Tim-Tams to the States!
jaffa ice cream
jaffa ice cream