The Itinerary - For Now...

Okay, the Irish screwed us. After going through everything, AND running our credit card they told us (by email) that they had quoted us for the wrong price. And it would be about 1,000 euros more!

Now I don’t follow the currency market like I should, but I do know that right now the exchange rate for US Dollars to Euros is no good, and a thousand Euros is …well, more that we want to pay. So this kind of kills the incentive to use this travel agent (ever).

Between the travel agents fees, the taxes and the price of flying to get there, we weren’t going to save very much money.

So, what’s next? Now we are looking at flights to the UK. LeeAnnes brother lives there and could purchase the tickets for use. The tickets are actually cheaper there than in Ireland, and it’s a little cheaper to get there. The downside is the trip would be over when we connect on any flights through Heathrow. And since British Airways is the main OneWorld partner in Europe, that means almost all the flights out of Africa go throough the UK.